Thursday, 30 April 2009

Blooming at the farm

The roses are blooming away happily in our farm garden, oblivious to the impending cold ...
... and the autumn leaves are starting to colour.
'Paris 2000', a French Delbard rose with its mesmerising stamens
Silver birches colouring up
Super soft peachy pink Rosa 'Heritage', by David Austin
The sweet Rosa 'Perfume Perfection'
And this is what happens when a rose gets confused! This is a David Austin rose called 'Winchester Cathedral' which should be a pure white. But because it has been bred from 'Mary Rose' which is pink, sometimes it sends up a throw back to its origins. And so I have this bicolour rose with an identity crisis!


  1. Beautiful pictures! I especially love the Paris 2000 roses, simply stunning!

  2. Ros
    Your garden looks divine and I too am a lover of the garden and especially roses.
    I love love love David Austen roses but living here in Sydney they don't always do so well.
    I guess alot of the deciduous trees out your way will be turning lovely colours by now, a couple of pictures would be lovely if you get time.

  3. Thanks for the photos - makes my heart soar to see such beauty. Must be a great joy to come home to. Love Belinda

  4. PS What is the name of the top one?

  5. WOW what amazing photos!!!!! They are simply stunning!

  6. The world i wonderfull!!! In Norway we are starting spring now...The first leaves of tulips are popping up of the ground, and you are waiting for autumn...
    Beautiful roses...I am waiting to see if my roses lived throug the winter...

  7. Beautiful photos - hope you had a nice time!

  8. Your roses are all so beautiful!! Even the one that doesn't know if it's supposed to be pink or white! LOL

  9. I have missed your rose pictures :)

  10. I have just discovered a kindred spirit!

    I anticipate that I have also found my new favorite blog.

    From a fellow rose aholic.


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