Friday, 3 April 2009

M-u-u-um!! I sick ...

Feeling really green this week.
No, 'green', as in, 'sick-as-a-dog' green, so very little creativity to report. What to do? Call in Mum for backup, of course! This is a little cot quilt she made for my nephew.
It is made from a single printed panel, and so it is quick, and so very cheerful.
My favourite blocks:
two funny frog fingers
three tiny shiny kitty claws
and seven spendid zebra stripes.
If you're feeling off-colour, have a look at this site. It will cheer you up and you can be any colour you want! Fun!


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon. CUTE QUILT Mum! :D What a fun color site! I am playing there now.

  2. How did you save a portion of the color images though to show on your blog?

  3. I hope you are deeling better! And wow - its great to see the quilt! I designed the fabric for Troy Corp - please tell your mom thanks for buying the panel!!!

    Kathy Brown
    The Teacher's Pet

  4. take care........lucky our Mum's can come to the rescue at times like this.........

  5. Hope you get Well very Soon.!!! Nothing Worse...seems to be a bit going roun...Great Quilt...

  6. Hope you are feeling better soon.
    Less green. Question, which software did you use to make that green collage?

  7. Hope you're feeling better - lovely quilt!

  8. Hi, I too hope you are feeling better. I had to comment though on the flickr color panels! That was great. Other than just being beautiful to look at, it is a really great tool for figuring a color scheme for a quilt. Thanks for sharing and get well soon. Debbie

  9. So sorry you not feeling very crash hot at the moment - hope your on the mend soon.
    Your Mum has done a gorgeous job of the quilt, it's so bright & cheery.
    Love Janelle xx

  10. Very nice reviving green. Indeed! :-)


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