Monday, 30 March 2009

Bad people & beautifully good people

I am sick in the stomach & angry this morning. It is just a small thing in the tapestry of life, but my littlest daughter, age 7, had her bag stolen at a school fete on Saturday. She naively put the bag down at one point to do something with a friend, & returned a short time later to find it gone. A tough lesson for her. There were tears, & not just on her part! This is the bag that was taken:
I made this little backpack for her fourth birthday from a Rosie Quinlan pattern called 'My Dolly Kinder Bag'. Yes, I still have the pattern. Yes, I will be making a replacement for her birthday in July, and I know it is just an insignificant material possession in the larger scheme of things ... ooooh, but THIEVES MAKE ME ANGRY!
On the other side of the ledger are beautifully good people like Janelle of Threads of Friendship. She not only did me an enormous favour recently, but then followed the favour up by sending me a gift of gorgeous fabrics! Let me share the gorgeousness:
My very first piece of Kaffe! It is called 'Paisley Jungle' and is stunningly vibrant & cheerful. The start of a new obsession? ... Oww, probably!
Some wonderful 'Park Slope' by Erin McMorris. This coordinates perfectly with the one piece of Park Slope that I have in my stash.
This one I didn't recognise immediately and there were no selvedge clues, but I had a vague thought that it reminded me of Anna Maria Horner. And sure enough, a quick search confirmed it to be from her latest line, Good Folks. Janelle sure has an eye for the good stuff!
I have saved my favourite piece until last! This is a Michael Miller fabric called 'Birds of Norway' & it is amazing! I have a thing for bird designs, & this one has me smitten.
This fabric has 'new winter bag' written all over it. Although, I will be fighting off my girls for it - they think it would make the perfect skirt for them!
Thank you Janelle, you have blessed me more than you know. You are generous, kind and BEAUTIFULLY GOOD!


  1. Oh my, what a crying shame! I hope the thief returns it! You know that handmade stuff are priceless!

    On the good side, your fabric gifts from Janelle look really, really stunning!

  2. I'm with you bloom, thieves!!!!..remember the old days you could put your bag down anywhere and it would be there when you came back, you never had to lock the front door, those days have gone....your poor baby girl all those all your fabric how generous of Janelle...

  3. Oh shame on them. Its obviously a precious, younger persons bag.
    I can't articulate my disappointment and sadness eloquently.

    Watch out for Kaffe Fassett! Not only the fabric, but also must have books.

  4. OH NO - that is dreadful about your DD's beautiful bag. Some people are just awful and I hope that they feel really guilty each time they look at it. Poor sweetheart and poor mummy too. And how beautiful of Janelle to help you with these delicious fabrics too. Take care x Janelle

  5. How sad for your daughter, and the first thing I thought of, was if it was a child that stole it, you'd have to wonder what that childs mother had to say when a new bag entered the home. Gorgeous fabrics, I'm with you the bird piece is just stunning.

  6. What a rotten thing to happen ... the thief won't be able to use the gorgeous bag though cos it's one of a kind and you'd spot it straight away!!!
    I love your bright and cheery fabrics ... how very thoughtful and generous of Janelle :o).
    Joy :o)

  7. How awful to have something so pretty stolen - it does rile you ... and at a school fete no less! However, your fabrics are just yummy - have fun!

  8. Hi Ros (Muriel)
    You have made me blush! It was a joy to bless you with yummy fabric. I am typing from Katherine's home in Melbourne!!!!! Will chat with you again when I get home.
    Love Janelle xx
    So Sorry about the theft of your daughter's bag.

  9. I hope that bag finds it way back to you. Unbelievable and so sad.

    I have to post my Janelle goodness too!

  10. How sad for you and your daughter... It is a hard lesson learned. Lets hope you see the thief with it and have the oportunity to say something.
    Love all those gorgeous fabrics. Never seen any of them before. Thanks for sharing

  11. The trust has gone, but one day you will see someone with that bag and you will know. Your poor daughter. It was a beautiful backpack.

    Oh and I love the fabric. Looking forward to your creations.

  12. I will report to fairy girl right now she will be very sad......well atleast you will know it easy when you see it..........did they toss it in a bin nearby???

  13. Shame...Shame... on them!! Ahhh..this annoys me so much... Hope you live in a smaller town..where things can in a mysterious way show up after some days..but dont give in..
    I had a similar thing happen with one of my girls..had sewn a fleece jacket for her ( one of a kind one) and somone stole it... I talked to the whole school the class and to some parents..and whoops.. a week after it was on her shelf!! :o) So dont give up!! Hugs to you!

  14. Oh that is just terrible about her bag! And at a school fete, makes it even worse!
    I love all your new fabric, can't wait to see what you make with it all.

  15. Janelle has an exceptional eye for fabric, as well as being a real sweetie! What a shame about your daughters treasured bag.

  16. such a shame about the bag. it was no doubt one of those things which would have become a keepsake. great that you can replace it, but it's never really the point! the saddest part is knowing the theives were probably more interested in what they thought the bag contained than the bag itself, which is the part you grieve for most.

    your fabric gifts were gorgeous, you're very lucky :) those Birds of Norway are too sweet!!

  17. That's so sad about your daughter's backpack...hopefully it will turn up again! I'll cross fingers for you both!

    Beautiful fabric you received!!! I love all those luscious colours!!!
    All the best!
    Mary Ann

  18. Such a shame and I can only imagine your daughters reaction!! Although we live in a pretty big town I am sure that your bag will be noticable so I will be keeping my eye out for it...

    Love the fabric, I too don't have any Kaffe but sure have my eye on it at the moment. Looking forward to seeing what you make with it.

  19. Sorry to hear about the Bag...Hope they get the Guilts and give it back...WOW.!! what Eye Candy you have given is all Gorgeous and I am with you...something about Birds on fabric that I love is fab...Thanks for sharing..

  20. Get a job or make your own bag thief!What a horrible thing to happen . Love , love , love the new fabric !
    clares craftroom

  21. I am so sorry to hear about your daughter's bag being stolen. It always amazes me how people could do that. I love your new fabric especially the bird one!!! Think I need to get some of that!

  22. I understand that you are angry, it is unbelievable that you always have to be on guard. Beautiful fabrics you have got.

  23. That is just horrible, your daughter must have been so upset.
    Hmmm, Birds of Norway huh? Off to do a quick fabric search....

  24. Thieves are mean spirited that's for sure! I've just enjoyed scrolling through your blog. Love things. Your recent fabric gifts are gorgeous and I love Kaffe.

  25. I love the michael miller bird fabric! It would be great as a skirt ;)

    I hoe you feel better soon.


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