Friday, 30 January 2009

How cool is this, Dear Jane?

If you have a Flickr account, you might like to have a play with PictoBrowser. It turned my Dear Jane set into a cool slideshow instantly. Click on the PictoBrowser button at the lower right hand corner of my slideshow if you'd like to try it. Otherwise, these are my Dear Jane blocks to date.


  1. Omg, your Dear Janes' look SO GOOD.

  2. I Admire anyone who is making this Quilt...such a big Project...I had thought about it but that's as far as I Blocks are Gorgeous and what a Lovely way to Display them...

  3. Your blocks are gorgeous and your stitching is just beautiful!!!
    Joy :)

  4. I have followed your progress of Dear Baby Jane and love seeing the range of fabrics you use and yur stitching is meticulous. Today's presentation using Flicker is amazing, now all I need do is work out how to use Flicker and of course plan my own Baby Jane. I thought I would not start until 2010 with the ambition of doing my UFO's during 2009. I'm not sure if I can stick to this resolution. Thank you for the inspiration. XXX

  5. Those are beautiful blocks! Amazing how they are all differnt! You certainly have talent!

  6. Your blocks are PERFECT, beautiful...

  7. What a cool littel tool! Love your DJ's! Your colors are just beautiful!

  8. Really gorgeous pictures. I've thought about a Dear Jane, bought the book AND the software - and been too chicken to start.

    You are inspiring me to learn to be a better quilter!

  9. Your DJ blocks are truly exquisite. thank you for the inspiration!


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