Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Chookyblue comes to town

The ever cheerful & enthusiastic Chookyblue popped in for a visit last week. Being the terrible influence that she is, she had talked me into visiting Hatched & Patched before I could blink! Here is just a sample of the temptation which greeted us at Anni Downs' beautiful shop:
Luscious 'Ava Rose' fabrics by Tanya Whelan greeted us at the front door ...
... followed closely by a new, 'quick & easy quilt' design by Anni made up in Ava Rose fabrics. This pattern quickly made it to my bag of purchases.
There were beautiful samples from Anni's newest book, 'The World as it Should Be' ...
... including the delightful 'A Peaceful Life' quilt, ideal for farm boys, old or young.
This book managed to jump into my bag too!
And there was general gorgeousness every which way: The 'Mill Flower Quilt' ...
... needlepunch from 'Simple Pleasures' ...
and stitcheries, also from 'Simple Pleasures' ...
... sweet 'Making Tea' wallhanging ...
... 'My Heart My Home' quilt ...
... and cute little felt Christmas baubles.
There was also a beautiful version of Natalie Lymer's 'Truly Scrumptious' quilt.
But this is the quilt that stopped me in my tracks on this visit:
An astonishing foundation-pieced beauty by Chris Jurd. I stood staring & admiring this quilt for ages. Very impressive! Thanks Chooky for a great day. My bank account is so much the poorer thanks to you!


  1. Funny, I've just ordered a couple of things from Annie's shop today!
    I loved her stall at the sydney show and I hope she's there again.

  2. Thank you for sharing. Everything was beautiful. Reminds me of a few patterns that I had forgotten about.

  3. Temptation.. temptation... Moving closer very soon and will definately have to limit my trips to Bathurst!!!

  4. I'm so jealous, I'd love to have a wander around that store, it looks fabulous :o).
    That quilt by Chris Jurd is incredible!!!
    Joy :o)

  5. Oh My Wordy Lordy! What an incredibly gorgeous blog post, full of yummy fabrics & creations - I am well & truly inspired.

  6. All that eye candy has me drooling! Looks like a great way to spend some time with a friend.

  7. Well so pleased I could convince you to join me...........thanks for the great the pics you took........oh and your supposed to be blaming the girls for not coming on your had a great day......

  8. What a lot to feast my eyes on with this post. Thanks

  9. Ohhh ! Thank you for sharing your visit at Hatched and Patched ! I would love to go too !! if only France were not so far from Australia :-( Your pictures are delightful !

  10. Those Ava Rose fabrics are just gorgeous!
    You had to shop well to make up for Jo & I not being there, so it wasn't all your fault LOL

  11. Thanks for sharing all your Gorgeous pics...was hoping you got one with Anni.?? I'm with You that last Quilt is her work too.!! Glad you had the chance to shop with a fellow blogger.

  12. OMG so many lovely fabrics and patterns!!

  13. scary how quickly things just jump into ones bag when surrounded by wonderful ideas and beautiful fabrics ;-)

  14. Dreadful, Dreadful, temptations. How ever did you cope? LOL!
    The colours are all gorgeous. I want, I want, I want !!!!

  15. WOW! Your pictures are gorgeous ... thanks for sharing. Hope I can visit Anni's shop one day.

  16. Poor you to be forced by Chookyblue to go to Hatched and Patched, I would gladly have gone instead of you. What an eye candy these pictures are, thanks for sharing. p.s. I love the name of this post :)

  17. Oh my, I would LOVE to go there!
    No need to force me...LOL


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