Thursday, 1 May 2008

Can too much excitement kill you?

A crazy week here, too busy. But the week ends in huge excitement as I head off to Kerry's for her 'Girl's Day in the Country' stitch-in with Leanne Beasley & Rosalie Quinlan. These women are 'goddesses' in the Australian quilting scene, & it will be very special to meet them. Leanne has given us a sneak preview of the project she has prepared for us here - so beautiful! I'm thinking her project will go perfectly with this quilt so have found some snippets of time this week to keep stitching on it. I will lag behind on my Dear Baby Jane blocks for this week, but I did do K12 Doris' Dilemma using a brilliant method by Wendy. If anyone is foundation piecing, please give this method a go. It just might change your life!


  1. if to much excitement can kill you I would be dead by more sleep until we leave.....

  2. Hi you Aussie girlz... I can feel your excitement all the way to Iceland!! Aren't quilt weekends in the country with quilting buddies just the best thing ever?!!! Alot of sewing, chatting and laughing! I wish you a 100% terrific weekend and I look forward to see payoff :)


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