Thursday, 1 May 2008

Just one reason for my crazy week

You may remember I posted about our newly purchased town 'garden' a while ago? Well today is a milestone in its creation. We are drilling for water in our back yard! I know, seems insane, but the water restrictions are so severe here that a bore appears to be a necessity to maintain a garden. The drillers have arrived & I am playing 'foreman' for the day (a job that I hate). They claim they should strike water by this afternoon. I hope they are right. I have my reservations. Perhaps this caution is in my blood - my Dad sunk many irrigation bores in his time, & I have learned from him to never get your hopes up when it comes to looking for water underground! Will nervously wait & see what the afternoon brings!


  1. I hope all the hard work is worth it and they find water for you Its like gold these days My fingers are crossed for you.
    Hugs Mary.

  2. Ye of little faith we had a bore in our last house but it was very salty and you could not spray it on the leaves of plants but is was great for the lawn or for flood watering. Good luck with yours.

  3. Good luck with the water. I am excited tonight as the rain is gently coming down, but steadily so.

  4. Well done on finding water. We sunk a bore on our little farm (near Echuca) last year and I have had a beautiful green garden all Summer. I would have lost so many old trees if we hadn't been able to water. Oh and your patchwork and blog are lovely which is what I was really peeking at.


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