Monday, 1 December 2008

Jan, the Rose Genius!

You may remember from a few posts ago that I put out a request for anyone to identify this lovely rose:

No sooner was the challenge issued, than I received a lovely email from Jan, complete with beautiful photos of her own garden:
Jan has identified my beautiful unknown rose as 'Albertine', a stunning, large climber, bred in France in 1921. She says it is a real show-stopper, with passers-by always asking her about it. No wonder - what a beautiful archway!
Thank you so much Jan for your help. 'Albertine' will certainly be finding a place in my garden. Jan does not, as yet, have a blog, but I am sure she would have wonderful things to share with all mad-gardener bloggers if these photos of her garden are anything to go by!


  1. I love this rose. I've been looking for a climber to add to my garden next year and I think this is it! Thanks to you and thanks to Jan.

  2. I have Albertine in my garden. Sadly they NEVER look that good.

  3. Those are the most glorious roses!! What a treat to see those in bloom as we head into the deep freeze of winter.

  4. can only wish...:o) what a wonderful rose... :o)

  5. We had an Albertine in the garden at our old house, it was always stunning and even though most of the rose books/magazines say it only flowers once in Spring we always had a second flush of flowers in late Summer/Autumn but be warned it has very savage thorns even when you think your out of reach they get you especially when your not a rose lover like my DH he always wanted to chop it out.... over my dead body!!!! Must plant a new one at the new house.

  6. It must be wonderful to walk by the roses and feel smell them.

  7. Wow, glorious divine roses! Very beautiful.


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