Monday, 23 June 2008

The passing of Jane McGrath

My condolences, & those of millions of others, go to the family of Australian cricketer Glenn McGrath today on the loss of his wife Jane to breast cancer. Jane McGrath has died at a 'too young' 42, the mother of two small children - we all feel the sad loss of this gracious & brave woman. As an almost 42 year old mother of young children, and with another friend recently diagnosed, the news of Jane's death is heavy on my heart today. It will be very special to see the Australian cricket team wear pink ribbons & use pink bat grips to honour Jane in their One Day International match against the West Indies on Tuesday. And I am sure the flags will be at half-mast today in Narromine, Glenn McGrath's home town.


  1. What an incredible lady. I recently watched a couple of her interviews, she was such a lovely, funny and positive person. my heart goes out to her children and Glenn. I wonder how people in her situation stay so strong.

  2. I didn't realise as it wasn't reported over here in the UK.
    My prayers will be with all Glenn's family.

    love and hugs xxx

  3. What a terrible loss I felt so sad yesterday when I heard the news.

  4. What sad news, I heard about it yesterday and was so surprised as I thought she had beaten it AGAIN.
    My thoughts are certainly with Glenn and their children.

  5. I too thought Jane was OK at this stage so it was a shock to me too when I heard sad.

  6. I think Jane's passing has touched all Australians hearts, so close but yet so far away.
    My thoughts have been with the boy from Narromine all week.


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