Monday, 31 March 2008

Oh, the serenity ...

Went for a peaceful walk in the beautiful local botanic gardens on the weekend. Well, peaceful except for 9-year-old son racing around & yelling like a wild thing! We keep reminding him we live in town now & must be quieter but he still uses his 100 decibel farm voice! The first autumn chill has hit our district & nature is responding:
the last of the roses for the season, a valiant final bloom ...beautiful Japanese windflowers ...
... true to their name, swaying gently in the breeze ...
tiny crocus bravely popping their heads up into the chilly autumn air
the glossy, sumptuous red of autumn berries ...and a shock of brilliant yellow, radiant in the face of impending winter gloom!


  1. Gorgeous pics!!! I went for a drive up to the Botanical gradens at Orange while we were there over the weekend. We were killing some time waiting for dinner to cook and thought it was worth a look..


  2. Golly that threw me - we are just coming into spring in Cornwall! Great pics xx

  3. Thanks for sharing your lovely walk with us - I couldn't hear any noise from a 9 year old boy.

  4. Georgous flower pics. I love the changing of the seasons. My desire is to have a large patch of windflowers blowing in the breeze. I've not been very successful with them so far. I still can't find that bag pattern.


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