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Friday, 28 March 2008

Late summer in the city

I finished the bag I vowed to myself I would make over the Easter break:My new bag is being modelled by my daughter who is young, slim & beautiful (a leap of logic would surely make you wonder if perhaps I am old, fat & ugly?! Don't you love the mystery & anonymity of the Internet!). The pattern is 'Ready for an Outing' by Melanie Hurlston of Melly & Me fame. It was published in Australian Country Threads Volume 7 No 9. The fabric is mostly 'Summer in the City' by Urban Chiks (Moda). I wasn't able to find the linen webbing required by the pattern for the handles, so I had to improvise & make my own. I added some hand stitching just to jazz them up a little! Great pattern - I love the shape & size of this bag. And I reckon anything made with these fabrics would be cute!


  1. wow the bag is just beautiful
    my dd's would love this bag!
    great fabric choices!

  2. Love your new bag! It looks great!
    Now I have to go digging in my mags to see if I can find the issue!

  3. Georgous Georgous bag and fabrics...I will look for the mag - did you see my new Autumn bag I made over Easter??

  4. Yes Bloom you may be older then your daughter but I can vouch for you certainly not being fat and ugly.
    You are beautiful just like your bag...... Now is that kind and gushy enough.
    I love those fabrics and it does look like a great size.

  5. Old, fat and ugly.........I don't remember that when I met you.......

    the bag looks great some different colours for you........

  6. I love the bag, such a great design, nice and big.

  7. oh, this bag is wonderful!!! I want to sew it later, I love the austr, Projekt too!!!

  8. Great bag! I love the size and style - I guess I will have to find that pattern somewhere!

  9. What a great bag. Summer in the City is my favorite line!

  10. Lovely bag - very nice choice of fabrics.

  11. Love your Bag - will have to dig out this pattern & make one for myself!

    I really love the fabrics you chose. Hmmm another project for the "to do list".

  12. Gorgeous bag, very young, cute and funky. Is it for you or has your daughter already taken possession??


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