Monday, 18 February 2008

Town mouse, country mouse!

We had a quick trip 'home' to the farm on the weekend, a month after moving to town. We are in the privileged position of not having to sell our little farm just yet, so we are able to visit from time to time & catch up with family, friends & the 'big garden'. Needless to say we spent a lot of time mowing as we have had a very wet 4 weeks & the garden has gone berserk. Of course, I couldn't visit without returning with some flowers - oh, how I miss my roses! The garden at the 'town house' is non-existent, as posted about previously. The house is very modern & really commands a modern style garden, you know, lots of architectural plantings, cordylines & black mondo etc - but I just don't think I can bring myself to have a rose-less garden.


  1. Hi Ros, I am sure your roses have missed you very much, aren't you lucky to be able to take some home with you, they are just gorgeous.
    Mine aren't going that well, too much rain I think.
    I am sure what ever you do with the new garden will be wonderful.

  2. Were your ears burning? We were talking about your two house at Club Quilt on the weekend. Sorry we didn't get to see you.
    Your roses are lovely, can't imagine why you miss them???!!!!!

  3. Again I can smell them ummmmmm.

  4. Roses, I can imagine you miss them. But they also fit in a more modern garden! Maybe in a different way, but they do!!

  5. It sounds like you really miss your old place, at least the garden and I can see why when looking at your beautiful roses... I can almost smell them to my livingroom. I hope you'll have an enjoyable garden at your new home as soon as possible :)

  6. Your roses are just gorgeous. I can imagine how much you miss cutting a fresh bouquet ever few days.


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