Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Cats or dogs?

I rediscovered this cushion during our move. I stitched it years ago. From memory, I think it is a Bronwyn Hayes design, probably from very old issue of Australian Country Threads. They say the world is divided into cat lovers and dog lovers. I have to admit, I have a strong preference for dogs over cats, but this little slumbering kitty won me over! This cartoon makes me laugh & just sums the whole cat vs dog thing up really - the cheerful playfulness of a puppy vs the nonchalant superiority of a cat! And I found this link on One Little Acorn's blog today for all the dog lovers! "What kitty?" loldog, kitteh, lolcat, sitting, smash


  1. I have that kitty stitchery too....very cute...
    love the other cat/dog pics!!LOL

  2. Your pillow is so cute. Love those stitcheries. and poor cat in the last photo LOL

  3. Came over via Chookyblue and am so glad I did. I LOVE that kitty stitchery! The cartoons are funny, too.


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