Wednesday, 9 January 2008

What girl wouldn't be seduced by these?

This is one of my most favourite roses & is called 'Seduction', a romantic, girly blend of the softest pink & pearly cream, and frilly to boot. That significant wedding anniversary has come about quickly (yes, it's today) so perhaps a vase full of 'Seduction' roses is appropriate! Be assured, the champagne is ice cold & I am promised something yum for dinner. You won't be surprised to learn that the 'Love Quilt' has not progressed very far. I will have to sign up for May Britt's WISP challenge I think!


  1. Please sign up and start working on your wisps LOL
    The roses are beautiful.

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! You’re making me curious about this significant wedding anniversary! Looove your roses!

  3. Happy anniversary, hope you and your dh enjoyed your evening.

  4. Happy Significant Anniversary.
    That is possibly the most beautiful pink rose I have ever seen. Thanks to you for sharing.

  5. Happy Anniversary.
    Quite an accomplishment these days.
    Congratulations to you both xx

  6. Hope you had a Very Happy Anniversary, in the middle of packing and tossing. Think it is time we had a move so I can do some much needed tossing. Your roses are going to miss their every day conversations. Luv Pat Shep

  7. Congratulations, those roses look so delicate.


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