Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Blast from the past

A warm, breezy summer day here today, perfect for washing & drying quilts. These are two of my earliest quilts, made as cot quilts for my first daughter who is now twelve. I was obviously in a 'blue & pink' phase! I still really love these quilts & they remain in constant use as 'cuddle up in front of the telly' quilts.We are waiting with bated breath for the hot, hot summer we are used to here in Australia. The temperatures have been kind so far, mostly mid to high thirties (celsius) but we usually have a few weeks of well over 40 degrees at this time of year. "Bring it on - we can take it" ... she declares boldly from the comfort of an air-conditioned home!


  1. It looks like they are holding up very nicely. I have to ask, did you make the quilt in the 2nd photo of your header? I love those colors together and would love to see the whole quilt if you did. It is beautiful.

  2. nice quilts......
    and yes about the weather.........it has been very nice for this time of the year but I am sure it will come with vengence.......but will we cope when it does get here.....lol...off to my airconditioned work i go.........lol

  3. Be careful what you wish for.
    I'd hate it if we got the HOT temps and then our air conds break down.
    Oops did I say that out loud.

  4. I think this type of weather is just nice thanks, I am sure we could go for one summer without those really hot days, doubt wether we will. Great designs in your quilts, timeless.

  5. Love those quilts and I always have a few hanging around for cuddling under on the couch. When you've had enough of your hot weather, be sure to send it North!


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