Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Hey Jude

This is the lovely 'Jude the Obscure' rose by David Austin. I must confess, I had no idea about the naming of this rose but a quick bit of research & I now know it was named after the novel written by Thomas Hardy in 1895. The only Hardy novel I have read is 'Tess of the d'Urbervilles' which I studied at school. I remember it being unlike anything I had ever read and was dark & disturbing, but entrancing - I couldn't put it down, wondering what could possibly happen next. It would be interesting to read it again all these years later.


  1. This is a very special looking rose, it is filled in a different way.

  2. I also read "Tess" at school and was more than grateful for our teachers' helping hand in understanding the book at a deeper level.I thought it spoilt reading for me when EVERY book HAD to be understood in terms of subtext, etc, but many years later I still think probably waaay too deeply about books that most just skim through. Having said that, I read "Jude" just a few years ago, and he is indeed obscure to the point disappearing into his own deep dark recesses...
    Enjoy the rose instead!!
    I love reading your blog Bloom and enjoy your garden from afar.
    A near Come-by-Chance

  3. How gorgeous are all your roses, they all look so healthy, how many do you have in your garden???

  4. Another school project here. Choose an author and read two books (or was it three, I think three) and write about the common themes. I chose Hardy and did Tess, The Mayor of Casterbridge and Return of the Native. Common themes? I was depressed for weeks!

    Gorgeous rose, though. Dare I read Jude to see what he was thinking?


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