Monday, 14 January 2008

Gifts for my littlest blossie

I love Rosalie Quinlan's designs and when she released her range of dollies & accessories a few years ago, I promptly purchased the entire set of patterns. I set about to make all of them for my youngest daughter, but have as yet only managed these:My version of "My Dolly" Kinder bagand "My Dolly" Lollie.
And dollies must be comfortable, so I made a little pillow to match. The heart stitchery is from a Bareroots pattern called Flower Quilt #51.


  1. Blossie is one lucky little chic! They are so pretty. Who needs to buy dolly's when we can make them. She has them for life and their made by MUM! Nice work Bloom :-)

    Nat x

  2. They are just beautiful.
    I'm sure she will have hours/years of enjoyment from them.

  3. Wow those things are so cute.

  4. I like you blog and the cute things

  5. I love Rosalie also I have made Lollie quite a few time.


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