Friday, 16 November 2007

A mother's protection

I couldn't work out why I was getting dive-bombed by this everytime I walked out the front door: Here is why: Baby willy wagtails in the lilly pilly pot plant (say that 10 times quickly!).


  1. oh don't you just love them.......they are very brave.......take on anything......I have some nested and babies flying around the garden now but I am not sure whwre the nest is......

  2. Ros, I have just had a couple of coronas I can't even say it once...but they are cute...

  3. Oh so cute. Love to be a fly on the wall to see the dive bombing.

  4. How gorgeous are those little chics! I just love birds of any kind and our yard at the moment is constantly visited by just about every native bird in Oz I think. The ducks have been the cheekiest though. Just love your pics. Nice work :-)

    Natalie :-)


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