Friday, 26 February 2016

Melba magpies

I purchased this little bundle of joy from Linda @ Gum Valley Patchwork just recently. They are from Emma Jean Jansen's latest range 'Melba', inspired by her time living in Melbourne as a student. 

'Melba' is manufactured by Ella Blue, a fabric house developed by Australian designers. Ella Blue is such a breath of fresh air in the Australian quilting fabric market. They are producing high quality quilting fabrics, at refreshingly competitive prices - AU$16/metre compared with the AU$24 and AU$28 price tags that Australian quilters are used to paying.

I also found a couple of Ella's Basics at a local quilt shop. It's a real treat to find some text fabric with local names! I was not so happy that this shop insisted on charging me $24/metre instead of the RRP $16. Hmmmm ...

I have been collecting a few text fabrics lately. I think they are a calm foil for busier fabrics.

As a sometime proof reader, I couldn't help but notice the typo in this one:

Can you spot it?

Enough whingeing! Have a great weekend everyone. Bloom x


  1. Aaaaaaaargh! "Captian"!! As a journo in my past life, I was a proofreader too, Ros. So much sloppiness these days with people relying on spellchecker to save the day. Aren't Emma's fabrics great - I love this line. She's another clever Ballarat girl. Hope you're well and enjoying life. xx

  2. Those maggies give me one who is regularly swooped. Looks like the captian slipped through the cracks on the deck...perhaps just to see who has sharp eyes? It's a great fabric line and I love to see Aussies doing well x

  3. Drives me crazy too! Also, the misuse of words, i.e: than/then, sAlvage/sElvage, sign on a bathroom door "Out of Odor" instead of "Order"! I could go on for days.......

  4. Really love the Melba fabric - especially those Magpies! It took me a while to find the typo - I have just used some of this fabric and hadn't noticed it at the time.

  5. I have a bulb question to ask you...check my next post...prob Wednesday. Ballarat is a great place to be...come and visit us again.

  6. I see typos everywhere. My husband used to tell people he married me for my editing skills! HOW romantic! Hahahaa!!

  7. This is the first time to your blog. I saw this fabric and knew exactly what you were showing without reading.
    I noticed the typo instantly when I purchased the fabric.

    Gorgeous fabrics!

  8. I am such a snob when it comes to spelling words correctly that I would not buy the fabric.


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