Sunday, 30 August 2015

Winter gardening?

We have had a very wet winter, and our garden is so sloshy underfoot that the roses are still to be pruned! So my 'gardening' has taken a new turn:

I have been planting in miniature and indoors!

I found some inexpensive glass containers at Kmart which I thought would work as terrariums, and went about collecting all manner of plants and pebbles. 

I've had a lovely time playing with form, texture and colour.

I suspect I've broken every rule of terrarium planting by combining succulents, air plants, mosses and lichen, each of which require quite different conditions. I figured I'd just play with different combinations and see which ones survive.

Inspiration and helpful instructions for making my terrariums came from this post by lovely Amelia. 

The weather is a little warmer today, 
so hopefully I can get to the rose pruning soon! 


  1. goodluck will be interested to see how they all the colour texture combinations......
    joining us in Bathurst?

  2. They're lovely, Ros, and I hope they do really well. This is something I've always meant to try - feeling inspired now!

  3. They look gorgeous Ros, definitely slushy out....I pruned my roses on Sunday....Finally!

  4. Love this! I hope it all works out. The striped plant is so striking!

  5. Your photos are always so gorgeous! Thank you!

  6. So pretty! And I LOVE your talent with photography! Mel at catesgarden


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