Monday, 13 July 2015

Rare snow in Australia

The mid year school holidays have come to a snowy end in our part of the world.

Australia has a small alpine region where it snows frequently, but outside this area, snowfalls are rare. 

The town where I live is renowned as being very cold, and will usually get a smattering of snow each winter. But yesterday was special, with a good couple of inches of snow which settled for the day!

While this display may seem paltry to many of you, it is big news for us!

Yesterday's snow was the best fall I've seen in the eight years I've lived here.

These photos show my snow-blanketed garden yesterday.


  1. Oh how I miss it, it has been lovely to see all the photos but I so wanted to come home. Enjoy! Your yard is looking lovely, snow or not

  2. OMG how pretty..........enjoy the snow...............

  3. It has been so cold, but your garden looks lovely covered in that snow!

  4. I think it's amazing - we were hoping for some in Canberra but sadly no :(

  5. Isn't it so pretty! No snow at our place but it was definitely close by.

  6. Wow that is some serious snow! Hoping the mountains near Melbourne are getting some snow so we can take the kids to see it!

  7. That's about how much we get on the south coast in the UK - still exciting when it comes though!!
    Right now, we've been promised a heat wave by the weekend...

  8. That's impressive Ros! Looks so beautiful.

  9. Great photos Ros, looks so cold BRRRRR


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