Saturday, 18 April 2015

'The Novel Approach' fabric bookends

Thank you for your kind comments about my daughter. She is improving slowly, and we hope to be home soon. In the meantime, the latest issue of Australian Homespun (Vol. 143) has been published and so has my 10th project for this great magazine.

Susan Hurley, the editor of Homespun, contacted me many months ago with a request for fabric bookends. Can you pick them?

I am always up for a challenge, but this one really stretched me! It took me a long time to come up with a construction method and even longer to execute it. I decided the bookends needed to be self-supporting, so they are quite heavy. I made them from recycled magazines - not Homespun of course ;)

I covered the magazine foundation with striped fabric to imitate book pages, and then made a fabric cover with embroidered titles and spine art.

The trickiest part was attaching the cover to the magazine foundation - yes, there may have been blood spilled and a considerable amount of cursing! 

But I was very pleased with the end result! Whenever I design a project, I'm not satisfied until I've created something that I would be happy to use in my own home. If you'd told me a few months ago that I could make fabric bookends that I would have on display, I'd have fallen about laughing. But you know, I will actually be using these!

Paper subscriptions and back issues of Homespun can be ordered through Universal Magazines. You can purchase digital issues and subscriptions of Homespun from Zinio, the Apple Newsstand or Google Play.


  1. I saw that pattern in Homespun at my in- laws last weekend! They look fantastic! What a clever idea.

  2. Nice work, Ros, Such a clever idea! BTW, I had that issue of Good Taste up until about last year too. I recycled mine, I should have held onto it to turn it into a bookend!

  3. These look amazing Ros! You have shared enough to make us curious and not enough to satisfy that curiosity - I'll need to track down a copy of Homespun at the local library!
    Pleased to hear your daughter is making some progress on the health front too.

  4. What a clever idea, Ros - and an excuse to hang on to my mags to reuse them instead of hauling them to the op shop. I'm glad to know your girl is doing better. What a worrying time for you all. I'm sure there are lots of hugs coming your way - here's mine. x

  5. This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.


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