Sunday, 26 October 2014

Name this plant

Calling all gardeners! Can anyone tell me what this plant is:

I went for a walk in a friend's beautiful garden on Friday, 
and she has this lime green lovely planted in some shade. 
She says it is a perhaps a type of may bush?


  1. Possibly a variety of Spirea?

  2. I was thinking Spirea also, but it should have at least half day sun.

  3. Thanks ladies. I think you’re exactly right! Have did some googling, and May bush is Spiraea cantoniensis, whereas 'Gold Flame' is Spiraea japonica. Perhaps why it didn't immediately look like a May bush to me. It was very lovely, a real pop of freshness in the shade of a tree.
    Thanks for taking the time to help me out.
    Best wishes,


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