Thursday, 14 August 2014

The story of a quilt

I guess every quilt has a story, reflecting what is happening in the quilt maker's life at the time.

I turned 40 in July ... eight years ago! My Mum said she'd make me a birthday quilt.

A pattern was chosen: a simple design called 'Coventry' by Brenda Riddle, from her book 'Comfort and Joy'. I am a sucker for star blocks, and that double border of tiny red squares was calling me.


The fabric was chosen: the same fabrics used in Brenda's quilt, 'Roman Holiday' by 3 Sisters for Moda.

But in May 2006, my Dad was diagnosed with bowel cancer. The quilt was shelved, and the next nine months of Mum's life were focussed on caring for him. He passed away in February 2007.

So now, eight years later, my 40th birthday quilt has been dusted off. In that time, a background fabric was chosen, a dusty blue sprig on cream, from the 'Rural Jardin' range by French General for Moda.

In the last school holidays, Mum and I worked together on my quilt. Mum sewed, while I cut and pressed. 

When Mum and I sew together, we get places! We had 36 star blocks whipped up in no time. Admittedly, we had some help. Inspired by Rita in this post, I invested in a set of Bloc Loc rulers to help with our flying geese blocks. 

While these rulers are expensive, I would highly recommend them. They made an enormous difference to the speed and accuracy with which our blocks came together. 

So my birthday quilt is well underway. The blocks are all done, and pinned to our design wall (aka red fleece blanket). Mum has rolled it up and taken it home to finish piecing the top. I'll keep you posted on its progress. Mum? ... Mum? How are you going with it?!

This is a favourite photo of my Mum and me, taken about 1985 when Mum was 40! Yes, we were milking sheep ... but that's a story for another day.


  1. Happy Belated (by eight yrs) 40th! You are a dead ringer for your mum in that photo!

  2. Bloc-Loc has changed my quilting: HSTs, HRTs, Flying Geese! Perfection!

  3. a lovely quilt........will be special when it is finally done...................

    LOL..........milking sheep.........nuts???? lol...............

  4. Don't the years just fly by.....but what a great story behind your quilt. They really do reflect our lives and stories. Milking sheep?!?!

  5. How lovely to sew together. I adore the fabric and pattern. Will be beautiful once finished and look forward to seeing it done. Sorry to hear about your Dad.

  6. I love this. I'm glad it's written down, with the quilt to back it up. A great memory.

  7. LOVE this quilt and love the picture of you and your mom...memories in the making! My goodness you two sure look a like!!

  8. It willl be amazin Roz....great photo off you and your Mum...

  9. Looks like it is going to be a beautiful quilt. The photo of you and your mum is lovely.

  10. This will be such a special quilt when it is finished. Great photo go you and your mum.

  11. Happy belated birthday.. Sounds like you have a lovely project going with your Mom and no doubt making special memories in the process. That's a great picture of you and your Mom.. Like two peas in a pod :-)


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