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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Cuddle up

My Mum has been keeping herself busy making cuddly, shaggy quilts for her grandchildren.

One of the grandsons has claimed this one.

This quilt started life as a dog's breakfast eclectic pack of eye-spy charm squares. On first seeing them, I wasn't sure how we could pull them together. There were whites, brights, muted country colours and everything in between. 

But we surprised ourselves. We pulled out tone-on-tone prints from the stash, and bordered each charm square. We chose a pale green abstract print for the backing, and the whole thing came together quite nicely! 


I employed my Boy to help me take these photos. He's 15. He loves to help his mother with quilt photography :)

The day was dull and blustery. We were having trouble getting a shot, with each gust of wind blowing the quilt every which way.

But then, genius that he is, Boy said, 'Mum, you realise that if we put the quilt on the other side of the gate, the wind would blow it flat" ...

Aaaah, much better. At least one of us was thinking! Thanks Boy ;)


  1. Clever boy. Not to mention the view is nicer that way (IMHO) - I love the greenery and way the driveway meanders away in the background of the shot. I think the light was better from that side too - he's obviously meant to be a photographer. Buy that boy a camera!!

  2. Great quilt, it hardly looks like an I-spy unless you're close up. Perfect location for the photo shoot you tend that garden by yourself?

  3. That's why we have children - to think for us :) Love the quilt Ros - no wonder it was quickly snapped up by one of the grandsons.

  4. Children just keep us on our toes, don't they. Love the last picture of the quilt and the background turned out better. But the one with him carrying the quilt is Priceless.

  5. Great shots of a beautiful quilt. Glad you included the little moving shot too. Boys can be very helpful (sometimes) :)

  6. the quilt is has worked well together.................

  7. Gorgeous rag quilt, the first i've seen that actually makes me want to try to make one.
    is it flannel fabric, or quilting cotton... i can't tell....

  8. Clever boy just like his Mumma and a gorgeous quilt made by your Mumma Ros.....It looks great....Hugs Kate x


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