Monday, 14 October 2013

In a heartbeat

In other news, the last few weeks have seen our eldest daughter graduate from high school. So there have been final assemblies to attend and speeches to be made. She had herself, me and many others in tears! 

She has been blessed with sincerely lovely friends at school, and has many happy memories to take with her as she embarks on an exciting future.

And of course, there was a graduation ball, where all the beautiful, young things dressed up and laughed and danced the night away ...

... leaving their parents huddled in corners, shaking their heads in disbelief at how the years can have passed, and in wonderment that their children have grown into such glamorous and accomplished adults!

I have just dropped her off for her first HSC English exam. It is also her 18th birthday! Ever the optimist, she says she feels sorry for everyone who doesn't have a birthday today, claiming that at least she has something to be happy about!

Best wishes to all the beautiful, young things who are starting their HSC exams today. They will be all over in a heartbeat ... just like the last 18 years!
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