Monday, 11 November 2013

Bathurst blog meet

I have returned from one of Chookyblue's infamous blog meets re-inspired for sewing, blogging and socialising, none of which I've done for some time! It was a great time reconnecting with old friends and putting faces to so many names.
Especially lovely to see Peg and Dale (and their namesakes) from Club Quilt again. 

It was wonderful to meet Lynda in Wonderland. Lynda (centre)and I have read each other's blogs for ages, and she recently got me out of trouble with a project when the instructions were less than clear. 

Beautiful gifts were exchanged in Chooky's 'Make it, Bake It or Fake It' swap.
The Show & Tell was jaw-droppingly good. Lynda showed us her Gingham Girls quilt - so much work in this. She stitches beautifully.

Michelle had several beautiful quilts on the go, and I was especially taken with this happy yellow piece. She says it is a fusion of several designs. Lovely!

And Susan's creations were something to behold. They are ¼ inch (I kid you not!) hexies on the left, and her divine version of Irene Blanck's 'Floral Beauty'. 

At one point in the afternoon, I was talking to Peg & Dale and conversation turned to how our memories are failing as we age - surely not! I proposed a theory that it's not so much that we are forgetting things, but that there is just so much more to remember these days. We nodded in solemn agreement. I then left, forgetting to pay for my lunch! I am sticking to my theory!

Here is a list of the talented ladies who made it to Bathurst 2013 ... just so that I don't forget :) Everything that I've neglected to write about will be covered in their posts I'm sure.

Kris @ BaiSiNoLil
Suze @ Bear's Mum
Donna @ Chookyblue 
Janice @ Jannimary
Kate @ Show & Tell

Hope I've not forgotten (!) anyone. Apologies that I've pinched photos from everyone. I was so busy remembering everyone's names that I forgot to take photos! Look forward to chatting with you all online soon. Bloom x


  1. It was the best day Ros, wonderful to catch up and meet so many bloggers and of course to see our lovely Ros again....

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Looks like a lot of fun. Where did you have your get together?

  4. Lovely to meet you, Ros, , now you know another Ballarat person to visit! Staying in Orange for 2 nights and experiencing the first rain and cold of our trip.

  5. The blog meet looks like lots of fun and very inspiring. Some beautiful work was shared. What a great way to connect with friends, old and new.

  6. was great to catch up with you again Ros............will try and do a coffee on my travels thru at some stage.......I didn't even think to ask if everyone had paid but they didn't say anything to us before the last of us left...............glad our reinspired...............

  7. hahaha...laughing my way through your post Ros!
    Sounds like fun....even if you did forget to pay for your lunch :D
    Time with quilters is always so inspiring.

  8. i started reading this post and thought "oh i'd love to be there" - and in fact i was - not physically though - in Susan's quilt Floral Beauty! I love seeing this quilt made up in so many different fabrics - and this one looks gorgeous!!


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