Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A mother's wisdom

And so Bloom skulks sheepishly back to her blog, with the meagre excuse that 'life got a bit busy'; hoping that her friendships will withstand such neglect, and that they may be resumed forthwith and with forgiveness!

Heading off to the coast for a few days with the family, I couldn't pass up the chance to visit the Mount Tomah Botanic Garden. This prospect was greeted with howls of protest from the back seat. "No Mum, no! Not another Botanic Garden. Don't do it"!

Oh yes indeedy! This is always how it goes. Children emerge begrudgingly from the car and trudge, slump-shouldered and moaning 
... for the first few steps.

And then there is a glimpse of a view, a promise of things to be explored.

They turn a corner, and the sight of a water feature begins to soften their resolve to be miserable.

With each step, there are new pleasures to take in, and slowly they are brought around. "Mum, this is quite impressive". Ummm, yes ...

Before long, they are running ahead of me, eager to see what awaits at their next turn, leaving me way behind as I meander peacefully with my camera.

The gardens were stunning, even in mid-winter, largely due to the well-planned contrast in form and colour of the plantings. I had not visited Mount Tomah since a friend's wedding 20 years ago, so it was wonderful to see how it had changed.

The proteas were in spectacular bloom.

How I would love to have gathered up an enormous bunch of them!

And the leucodendrons provided cheery bursts of colour, often set against the rugged local basalt, or contrasting grey-foliaged plants.

With over 6000 species planted in the Garden, I haven't a chance of giving you botanic names.

Occasionally, aforementioned children drop back to meet me with excited tales of where they have been and what they have found ahead. 

There are photos with and without newly enthusiastic 14-year-old.

"Hey Mum, this would be an awesome place for freerunning", he shouts as he disappears from view again.

After a half-hour exploration for them, and a meander for me, I am greeted with: "That wasn't so bad, Mum". Or even, "Mum, that was actually quite fun"! And so I remind them of the favour I do them every time I make them suffer a garden, and we all traipse back to the car, happy for the experience.


  1. Gorgeous shots - nice way to ease back into blogging ;)
    Now, please at least tell me the name of that amazing succulent, the one growing in the spiral shape - I love it (and want one).

    1. Thanks lovely! In a stroke of pure genius ... well luck actually, I downloaded the plant listing for Mt Tomah, scanned through it quickly and came up with Aloe polyphylla. It must be my day because another quick search shows that you can get it from here:
      I aim to please :)
      Ros x

  2. Oh, my goodness, what a lovely place. I had to chuckle about the kids! So true! Happens often (thank goodness).

  3. I've never heard of Mount Tomah before. You managed many great photos for a half hour. I can imagine a similar response from our children too!

  4. Great pictures.

  5. What a beautiful place to visit. Your pictures are beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. What a beautiful place! Your picture are great!

  7. Mt Tomah is one of my favourite gardens to visit. Hope you had time to eat at the café there. Great photos. Thanks Ros.

  8. absolutely breathtaking!
    It's been almost 19 years since I visited Mt Tomah....on our travels on our honeymoon, hehe :)

  9. I love the views. You can relax after work.


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