Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Ice-cream slice

I'm guessing that in your part of the world, as in mine, there are recipes that 'go viral', being passed quickly from one person to the next. They are usually quick and easy, and as a consequence, often use processed ingredients. Chang's Crispy Noodle Chinese Cabbage Salad springs to mind! If there's an Australian who hasn't had this salad at a BBQ, I'd be surprised.

Now while I am not a big fan of using processed foods in recipes, this one tastes too good not to share :) Recipe courtesy of my mother. Who knows where it originated!

Ice-Cream Slice

600mL thickened cream 
1 tin condensed milk 
2 chocolate honeycomb bars, such as Violet Crumble or Crunchie 
1 packet Arnott's Malt 'O' Milk biscuits

Roughly chop the honeycomb bars. Combine cream and condensed milk in a bowl and whip until thick. Fold the chopped honeycomb bars through the mixture.

In a lined slice tray, place a layer of Malt 'O' Milk biscuits. Spoon the cream mixture over the top of the biscuits. Top with the remaining biscuits. Freeze until set. Cut into bars and watch it disappear!


  1. Yummy ... I make the same but with peppermint crisps crushed up !!!

  2. I was in a supermarket queue once and got chatting to the women next to me and she shared this recipe with me. I wrote it down on a scrap of paper, bought all the ingredients and went home and made it - and it was great! Except I then lost the scrap of paper and I've often wished I could remember it. Thanks for posting it.

  3. it's a great dessert and very popular and something you can do days ahead.........everyone thinks it pretty fancy but so easy.........I have the perfect slice container to make mine in..........

  4. It sounds so yummy. Just a pity we don't get all the ingredients here in South Africa!

  5. I enjoy reading your blog. Quilters are usually good cooks also! This sounds like a perfect summertime dessert. I live in the US--what is thickened cream?

  6. I have a variation of that cabbage salad that I make too. Everyone who has tried it loves it.

    Your ice-cream slice looks yummy!

  7. Sounds great, thanks for sharing.

  8. Wow this recipe looks awesome! I'll have to make this for my sweet-tooth sisters! Thanks for sharing,
    Hannah :o)

  9. Is thickened cream whipping cream? Here in Canada I think I could make this for sure. It is the perfect summer recipe. I think the biscuits are just a sweet biscuit are they not?

  10. I obviously don't go to enough BBQs....
    Love the look of this Ice-Cream Slice. I would be tempted to swap Cherry Ripe bars and some glace cherries instead of using honeycomb bars....mmmm...might be worth a try.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  11. OMG that looks soooo bad but sooooo yummy, thanks for sharing :)

  12. I have just found your blog and my greedy tum led me straight to this post, we will be eating this on Friday evening after a smoked brisket barbecue style dinner, I will probably add some stem ginger and blanched lemon zest.

  13. Yes I have had the chinese noodle salad and looks like I am going to try this.
    Thanks for sharing.


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