Sunday, 3 March 2013

A special gift from Grandma

My Mum stitched this sweet little zippered pouch as a special gift for my youngest blossie. The design is from Anni Downs' book, 'A Simple Life'. Anni's books are always packed full with gorgeous projects, and are great value for money. I think I own almost all of them! The fabric kit was purchased from Anni's shop, The Home Patch.

I love the boots on the end of these skinny, stripe-y legs, scooting through the blooms ...

... and what's not to love about the plump pooch?!

Even the pouch lining is delightful. Anni has a wonderful eye for colour and print.

When my daughter was so unwell last year, my Mum spent a lot of time with her, willing her to be well. They have an especially close relationship as a result, and this little gift is treasured.


  1. An absolute treasure. Really lovely. Cherrie

    1. Thanks Cherrie! It is such a sweet little project. Quite tempted to make one for myself :)

  2. This is a truly treasured gift, for much more things.
    It's really lovely and cute.


  3. Just gorgeous, love the fabrics :)

  4. A sweet gift, an adorable stitchery, and, even empty, a pouch filled with love!

  5. What an adorable gift! Great colors and wonderful embroidery!

  6. Precious! And profound counsel. Thank you for sharing it.

  7. oh my wow. that little pouch is so awesome I wouldn't want to use it!!
    Love every little detail!

  8. How Sweet - And soooo true!

  9. What a gorgeous pattern, and your blog is so well written and presented ... more like a magazine than a blog.


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