Monday, 18 February 2013

Flannel panel quilt

The new school year has commenced with a bang. With the first of our three children heading into her HSC year, there is an imminent sense of a whopping great mountain ahead to be conquered, mostly for her, but for us all as a family! 

During the parent orientation for my youngest girl, starting Year 6, the following clip was shown:

Man, if I wasn't feeling the pressure of parenting teenagers before seeing this, I am now! I mused that it would be interesting to gauge the state of mental health of Generation X parents; the ones like me who are floundering to keep up with the extraordinary pace of change. I only hope the medical authorities are making ample provision for us all when we finally crack under the pressure ... or perhaps it's just me :)

I think I'll just go crawl into a corner and quilt for a few years! It seems the only sensible alternative, surely :) To this end, I have finished the flannel version of my 'Spin to Play' quilt.

It is made with a 3 x 3 panel of 'Pretty Paisley' flannels by Lesley Grainger for Robert Kaufman which is cheerfully heavy on birds, blooms and hearts.

These fabrics were kindly given to me by Marally Craft, who will also have a limited number of kits available.

Fabric details: (left to right, top to bottom):
  1. Brown on Tea Dye Stripe from Alpine Fabrics;
  2. Green circles from 'Love Birds' by My Minds Eye for Riley Blake Designs;
  3. Red and white spot from 'Pretty Paisley' flannels by Lesley Grainger from Robert Kaufman Fabric Company;
  4. Aqua paisley fabric from 'Pretty Paisley' flannels by Lesley Grainger from Robert Kaufman Fabric Company;
  5. Orange fabric from 'Mumbo Jumbo' flannels by Laura Berringer for Marcus Fabrics;
  6. Dark brown fabric from 'Shaded Oaks' flannels by Holly Taylor for Moda;
  7. Yellow and white spot from 'Pretty Paisley' flannels by Lesley Grainger from Robert Kaufman Fabric Company;
  8. Red circles from 'Love Birds' by My Minds Eye for Riley Blake Designs;
  9. Pink paisley fabric from 'Pretty Paisley' flannels by Lesley Grainger from Robert Kaufman Fabric Company.

The backing is a bright and happy check from 'Della' flannels by Valori Wells for Free Spirit.

Quilting details:
Machine quilting was once again beautifully done by Belinda of Eucalypt Ridge Quilting.

The quilting design is 'Song Birds' by Anne Bright, which conveniently repeats the bird, blooms and heart motifs. 

This little quilt is cuddly, comforting and and just the ticket for one overwhelmed, Generation X-er to crawl into the corner with! 


  1. Oh yes, I'll come into the corner and quilt with you. My Miss 17 is doing 4 pre-T's and production this year...the stress levels are already massive...HELP!!!!!

  2. I love your bright happy quilt. The fabrics you've used are so perfect together. I saw the original version of that video several years ago -- very mind boggling. (And, I have to say, I preferred the presentation in the original -- I guess a further nod to how things are changing and I am not LOL!)

  3. Is there room for me too. My eldest (asperger) just enrolled at Uni yesterday, a year early and won't speak to us about it, as we are evidently "smothering" him, by showing interest in his life!

  4. i'm with you on the stress levels...........your not on your own.......

  5. So much change yet also many excellent possibilities. I wouldn't want to be without the internet....
    Your flannel quilt looks perfect for the cooler months.

  6. Oh girlie, one needs prayers....lots of them....for those teenage years. If you can survive that you can survive anything. I lived through 4! Barely!
    I think your idea of going off to a quilting corner for a few years is a fabulous idea!

  7. Boggles the mind doesn't it? I also have those kind of days where curling up in a corner with a quilt, a cup of tea and a book seems like the best idea to deal with stress.

    LOVE this gorgeous quilt, Bloom. Looks amazing....

  8. I am here to give you hope. My two girls are now out of their teens and in and out of college and they have returned to sanity. When my eldest was a teen, we threatened to lock her in the bathroom and shove food under the door. It was touch and go but now she has apologized profusely for being so difficult during that time.

  9. Oh my, I think I have just found a new pattern to add to my must make list! Love this soft flannel version. So bright and happy.

  10. Oh I hear you mother!! While I am a little past all the teen stuff now, I have gen Y's, I remember the stress and pressure. Youngest was grounded for a month, no phone either. I got 'free Anna' mail home from her friends. It didnt happen. There are consequences to ones actions and that is what she had to learn. Hang in there, it does get better and I am out the other side with my girls. Love them to bits now they are a tad older and not argumentative. Keep with the quilting, it will save your soul. xx

  11. What amazing colours. I don't usually like brights, but these are 'must haves'. Gorgeous

  12. great post Ros....wonder what gen they'll be called by the time mine get to hsc level....the alphabet is running out :)
    All the techno changes are a bit scary.....quilting sounds like a wonderful stress relief.
    Love the bright flannels and your design is great!

  13. Noooooo! that presentation ended with a cliff hanger. It was giving me chills.

    I think I'll stick to the comfort of quilts too.
    My eldest is in year 11 - heading to the HSC next year, though he is convinced that every little thing he does now counts too. So much stress!!!!


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