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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas greetings

From my family to yours, I hope you have a very happy Christmas. For us, Christmas morning first sees us busily getting the almost thirty members of the extended family to nine o'clock church! 
We welcomed the newest family member to her first Christmas. I think she was impressed and shows early signs of being a party girl :)
Like everyone, much of our day is centred on specially prepared food, always a cold feast for our family in Australia. I don't ever recall having a hot Christmas lunch. Salads and seafood abound!
The feasting is interrupted only to spend time pool side, cooling off. Or perhaps for the adults to have a snooze in a quiet corner!

Having had a sick daughter in 2012, we are particularly thankful this Christmas that she is well. It is a time for our family to reflect on a God who continues to give us every good thing. He continues to give graciously and willingly, two thousand years after sending His most precious gift of His Son for us all.

I hope your Christmas is a special time of reflection and time with family, and that 2013 brings good health and happiness to you and yours. 

Bloom x


  1. OMG look at all that food.........delicious..........glad you had a great was a quiet one here but we had a nice day.........

  2. A wonderful Australian Christmas! Salads and seafood, family and faith here too!
    Enjoy your holiday season!

  3. A hot lunch isn't too bad in Ballarat. Yours looked fantastic! I hope it is a wonderful 2013 in your home too

  4. Glad you have a lovely end to not the best year :)
    I must say I tried both of your salads from a few years ago.
    Everyone was SO impressed.
    Thanks for always sharing great things on your blog

  5. I am so glad your daughter is well and here is my prayer you and your entire family have a healthy 2013! Your salads look delicious - however, here in Michigan in the U.S. I am thankful for some snow...I love winter. The Ten Tenor version of "O Holy Night" is spectacular...I am checking out their website upon leaving my catching up on blogs...

    Happy New Year!
    Sherry :o)

  6. Hi,it is a very interesting post.I like this post.I,m very glad your daughter is well and here is my prayer you and your entire family have ahealthy 2013!
    Thanks for your great sharing..


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