Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A locomotive challenge

Grandchildren in our family are usually welcomed with what has become known as 'a farm quilt from Grandma'. 
She chooses a fabric panel, usually bedecked with tractors, cows and chooks, and surrounds the panel with a simple checkerboard of coordinating squares.
Her latest quilt was sufficiently delayed that the recipient was able to tell her exactly what his preference was for his quilt - "I want trains Grandma"!
And so the traditional tractors were set aside and the search was on for train fabric. She decided on a print from Just Train Crazy by Dan Morris for RJR fabrics.
We raided the stash for some 'not-too-girly' coordinates, and she got to work.
After an appearance in the local show this weekend, the quilt will finally be excitedly received by my locomotively obsessed nephew.
I coerced my sick blossie out to the adventure playground to take these photos. Usually there would be no coercing involved. She really is unwell!
We are off to Sydney to Westmead Children's Hospital next week to try to get to the bottom of her unrelenting headaches. An MRI has assured us that there is nothing especially sinister to worry about, but after 3 months of persistent pain, we are hoping for some answers and some relief for her. 
Thank you to everyone who has shown such kindness and concern for my daughter. Your many encouraging messages and personal stories have been very much appreciated.


  1. The quilt is gorgeous and the coordinating blocks really show it off.... hope you will get some answers re the headaches soon.... I can't imagine how worrying it must be for all of you ...

  2. I have been wondering how O. is going, sorry to hear she is still unwell. Hopefully the Westmead doctors will have some answers. I love the quilt your mum has made, your nephew will adore it.

  3. Lovely quilt, I am hoping for you that its all ok, 3 months of headaches is terrible, I've been there :( Poor little sausage xx

  4. Cute quilt! Oh your poor headaches....I pray that you will get some answers soon so she can get well again.

  5. I hope that all goes well next week Ros. Will be thinking of you all.

  6. i pray for your blossie to be well.
    huges from Egypt

  7. Love your train quilt, the checkerboard looks fabulous, the range of colours you've chosen is very effective. Beautiful photos of your daughter wearing the new quilt. Thinking of you both, hope things are on the improve soon.

  8. Another beautiful quilt by Grandma :) Love the park where you have taken the fabulous photos too. Hope you get some answers in Sydney too. I've heard a lot about headaches and Gluten Free diets lately. I have a friend on the diet for 6 weeks and so far no headaches :)

  9. Nice quilt by Grandma. Good luck in Westmead next week. Hubby gets horrible headaches from sulphur preservatives (the 220's)- just thought I'd mention it in case....

  10. Quilt is lovely! I'm so sorry to hear about little blossie. As a migraine sufferer I empathise with the horribleness of them. Poor dear. Good to hear that the MRI came back empty handed. I had a student a few years back who suffered terrible migraines - my first introduction to her was the first weekend back trip to Wet and Wild water park. The poor thing spent the day lying on a bed we made on the wooden picnic tables with towels and pillows having us apply cold packs to her head and trying to provide comfort. The doctors found a good medication schedule for her - she became good at working out what triggered them - and by Year 10 she very rarely had any. Hope you receive lovely care and find some good answers for blossie :-)

  11. What a Lovely Tradition and Beautiful Quilt....
    Hope all went well at the Hospital and they can get to the bottom of Blossie's Illness.
    Take Care

  12. A "farm quilt from Grandma" is a wonderful tradition, I'm sure each one os well treasured.
    Hope next week goes well for you and Blossie, showing not only cause but a cure also.

  13. Beautiful photos and a lovely quilt.

  14. The train quilt for your grandson is so cute! My Grandma also makes a quilt for each of the grand-kids for their 21st birthdays and we treasure ours! I hope your visit to Westmead goes well and that you are able to find some answers.
    Hannah :o)

  15. I love reading your blog and seeing all your wonderful sewing (and your Mum's). I also love looking at your gardens and was wondering if you could give some up to date photos of your town garden. I'd love to see how it has grown. Your farm garden is a true inspiration.
    Best wishes,
    Mandy Hawkins
    Minimay, Victoria

  16. love the quilt - what a great idea. So sorry to hear your little one is still unwell. I get headaches that are really sinus oriented as a result of allergies - hopefully it will be something as "simple" as that and not migraines - which are a beast and something little ones should never have to experience. Sending her (and you) positive thoughts)

  17. Hi there - I just stumbled across your blog and I love the things you create - so happy to have more inspiration! I also wanted to mention that when I was in high school I had a similar problem with constant headaches - and a similar frustrating diagnosis! I'm sure your doctors have thought to check, but mine ended up being related to my teeth - I needed a root canal AND was clenching my jaw at night! The tooth pain wasn't manifesting in my jaw though so it took us quite awhile to sort it out - I just thought I'd throw it out there in case it somehow helps.


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