Monday, 26 September 2011

Back from the wild, wild west

School Term 3 = Primary Musical at our school. This year's was set in the Wild West of 1800s USA.
I help with the costumes each year, 
and love every minute of it. 
This year was especially challenging as our usual 'wardrobe mistress' flew to Morocco the weekend before the production, taking all her experience and expertise with her, and asked me to stand in her place. Her shoes are big to fill. 
 Thankfully, all three performances went off with much drama, but thankfully none in the costume department. 
I am feeling my usual tired and shattered self on the first Monday of school holidays, but nothing a good sleep for a few days won't fix :)
Looking forward to some warm weather and time in the garden and at the machine ... after sleep!


  1. love the costumes,well done

  2. great job on costumes! the kids look great!

  3. I do s miss those days of High School! Loved the plays and musicals! What was the production? You said where and when, but I don't think you said a name! hehe Just wondering!

  4. What fun! And all the costumes look fab - well done!

  5. What fantastic costumes! Enjoy your holidays.

  6. Looks like a great night....musicals are always fun. Well done for filling those big shoes. Hope your energy picks up as the week goes on....looking forward to some garden time here too :) - a bit shattered aswell.

  7. Spectacular show and costumes! Can't believe you did all this!


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