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Monday, 13 June 2011

Something for Kate ... at last!

This little quilt has been finished for a while now, and has been patiently waiting to have its photo taken. The weather remains dismal, so she is not in her best light.

It is (unsurprisingly!) a gift for Kate, a new niece.

The fabrics are from Melanie Hurlston's happy fabric range called 'Little Menagerie' for Windham Fabrics.

The fabrics feature owls, monkeys, and elephants in Melly's inimitable sweet style.


The pattern is the little version of my 'Abracadabra' pattern.

This quilt makes me happy. I hope it makes Kate happy too :)


  1. I'd be happy too! Gorgeous and exactly what a little girl wants!

  2. gorgeous Ros..........Kate will love it I am sure..........terrible weather........cold and drizzly.........would be good if we got some good rain........

  3. It makes me happy, too. Surely it will make Kate happy and she will adore it.

  4. That's a beautiful quilt. I love it.

  5. Too sweet! I love her name being part of the quilt.

  6. That looks wonderful and sweet. It makes me happy too and I am sure it will make Kate happy.

  7. wonderful! j like it so much!

  8. Such cute fabrics Ros - just perfect for this quilt:)

  9. She is going to love it! The fabric and pattern are both so happy and fun!!

  10. I think you have a wonderful blog, and after putting the Blossie bag in my faves for sooo long, I finally made it. Photo on my blog.

    thankyou xxx

  11. Well done, love the little quilt. I am sure Kate will treasure it as well.

  12. Wonderful, sweet quilt, and you made it personal with her name!
    Great work!

    Best wishes,

  13. What a lovely blog. I am going to follow you if I can find the follow button! Otherwise I will bookmark your page and check back often.
    Please visit me at my new blog, Ric Rac and Polka Dots. I'm brand new, but have lots of fun things planned to share with everyone. I hope to see you there.

  14. I love it ... especially the way you have incorporated the name!!!
    Andi x

  15. I know Kate will love her quilt...very sweet.


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