Sunday, 22 May 2011

Rainy days and ... Sunday

A dull, rainy Sunday here, perfect for a spot of biscuit artistry by Miss Nine:
Perfect for exam study for the older offspring ...
... and a sewing room cleanup for me, motivated by this inspiring post by Lisa. 
A netball final and Swans playing in the AFL on tele. 
A nice quiet Sunday afternoon. Sweet!


  1. Sorry your Swans got beat! Here in Melbourne we didn't get the game live. Did you? It must have been a good day for a cleanup - I did too!

  2. Our afternoon was similar to yours - with one studying, one baking, and me floating between the kitchen and the sewing room. Wish it was a long weekend...

  3. What a shame the swans lost hey. Love the bikkies xxBrenda

  4. When its cold, raining, or looking like its starting to get cold outside I am searching for something to bake.
    Hubby commented that he wished I liked to cook dinners as much as liked to bake. I said why would I want to do that.
    I prefer drop cookies that are multi content.
    oats, white choco chips, cranberries, raisins & orange zest. My gal pal will do anything for me if I make these just for her.
    I prefer double or triple chocolate anything.


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