Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Daybook entry #7

Outside my window ... are my beloved roses. The day is refreshingly cool after a hot spell.
I am thinking ... how much I hate housework. Over the years, I have come up with all sorts of strategies to motivate me to get through the household tasks. Today is one of those days where there is so much to do, I don't know where to start. I have taken myself aside and we have decided to 'just do SOMETHING'! I dug out this little stash of squares, and have put them next to my sewing machine. 
I am stitching ... therefore, between menial household tasks,  little 9-patch blocks as a reward for my impressive domesticity!
I am thankful for ... healthy, energetic children, even though they fight with each other and wear me out!

From the kitchen ... I need to make up a batch of Thimbelina's Easy Scrolls. These have been a hit for school lunches. I make them at my leisure, wrap them, freeze them and thereby avoid the dreaded sandwich making in the mornings.

I am thinking ... of whipping up one of these little cuties for a new niece: a fluffy*stuffy bunny. Jenny over at Allsorts has very generously posted a free pattern for her bunny and a dress to match
From my picture journal ... a favourite photo of my waterlily, flowering right now. I have added it to my wallpaper page if you'd like to share it!
Happy house-working to those of you enjoying that pleasure today! Bloom x


  1. I love rewards for doing housework...or for not doing it!! Either works for me, thanks for the waterlily pic, I'm going to take the flag off my desktop and put your lily on :o)

  2. It is amazing how just doing a little bit at a time actually accomplishes quite a lot in a day..or especially over several days! Love the bunny too.

  3. Housework is a dirty word! But today I did clean the bathrooms and wash the floors... just a pity I didnt think of giving myself a sewing reward! Oh yes thats right I did, I sewed all weekend instead of cleaning! Cute nine patches. Happy quilting, Sue SA.

  4. I take that approach also. Not sure that I get much housework done but it keeps me happy. The waterlily is perfect!

  5. Since November last year everything in my housework list is on a monthly rotation except for a few things. Today was "tidy upstairs rooms". There wasn't much to do this time but when it was done I was finished. No guilt, no putting off some chore. Your day seemed very productive though and I love the water lily.

  6. I work a little...play a little. Plus, if I go into a room, I tidy up in there a bit until I have to leave and go to another room, then I tidy up in there until I have to leave...this way I don't get bogged down in one room and feel overwhelmed.

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures. I'm in the States under 4 inches of ice and snow right now!

    Your nine patches are so sweet! Take care and bless you and your children today!

  7. Such a beautiful post! I love rose picture and bunny is so cute!

    Best wishes,


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