Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Promises, promises

I promised my poor mother a black and white frilly dilly bag. I won't say when I promised! She is a very patient woman, but in sheer desperation, she made it up herself on a recent visit to my place.
How cute does it look in black and white? And on the shoulder of my 'Miss-Fifteen-With-The-Blonde-Locks-To-Die-For'?!
From top to bottom, the fabric details are:
Unknown by Timeless Treasures
'White Swirl' from  Not So Basic Black & White by Avlyn Inc.
'Everything but the Kitchen Sink' 2006 by RJR Fabrics
And, as if I need to say it, the pattern is 'Frilly Dilly Bag' by Janelle Wind. I've lost count how many times I've made this pattern up, and I still love it.

Good job Mum!


  1. I love it done in B & W. Your model is pretty stylish too!

  2. It's beautiful. Poor Mum but it's a good thing she can sew isn't it. I would love hair like your daughters' Cherrie

  3. The bag looks great in black and white - it is a great pattern...

  4. Your mum has excellent taste! She has done a beautiful job, it must run in the family!

  5. I love this bag so much I have just looked it up and found out where I can source the pattern from - it is so cute!!! Your Mum has done a great job! I have so many things on my to do list at the moment but I am going to put my head down and get stuck into them all so that as soon as I get the pattern I can start. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I love it in black and white...too, cute!

  7. Bloom, I hope you never tire of making Frilly Dilly bags because you have such an eye for combining the loveliest fabrics. Each bag is a beauty and this one is no exception. I bet your Mom will love it and not complain about the wait. ;o)

  8. Looks fantastic. I'm sure she'll love using it. Hope you had a great time together. Leanne.

  9. Not sure what's nicer - the bag or your daughter's beautiful tresses! Envy!

  10. Had to come back and tell you - I have found a shop that stocks the Frilly Dilly Bag pattern and they are holding it for me till tomorrow. Sorry go to go and finish all my Christmas sewing so I can get on to making myself a bag as soon as I can......thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Wow. That is truly lovely. I bet it gets lots of use.

  12. Muriel
    Your Mum did a smashing job with her B&W Frilly Dilly. Were you teaching her whilst you were making mine? I saw the sneak peak in the post below, it looks yummy!
    love Nellie

  13. Dear Bloom,

    I LOVE your Frilly Dilly bag! I can't see where to get a copy of the pattern from though. Can you tell me where you got yours please?

    I didn't realise you had so many projects available. It wasn't until I went through the list that I realised that I had already printed out most of them! They are all fantastic. Thanks so much for being so inspiring. I will be following your blog now!

    Regards Lexi in Perth WA.

  14. The bag is amazing,the color combination is good.

  15. Oh No! That's a bit sad when your Mum has to make her own. LOL! I'm sure she had a great teacher???
    Love the black and white fabrics.

  16. I completely love this bag, and the black & white theme. I attempted to make one for my oldest daughter, and it wasn't easy, but turned out super. Thanks so much for sharing.

  17. Love the black and white fabrics.good job!I really enjoy your post.


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