Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Killing me softly with his song!

At my window today, and in fact, for the last week are this pair of lovers.
I do love birdies. Unlike blooms, I barely know one species from another. With the help of this bird finder, I now have them identified as Striated Pardalotes (Pardalotus striatus) - a very impressive name! Lovely huh?
There is but one downside to these sweet little creatures at my window: I am being driven to distraction by his constant call! I can even share it with you: have a listen
I reckon even she is thinking, "Will you just shut up"!! What's outside your window today?


  1. They are just beautiful! Their "song" is not annoying when you only hear 10 seconds of it ;-)

  2. What little lovelies.
    I have a pee wee bird and a nest of crows outside my window. Its a constant weeoo-wooo... FARK!

    Want to swap?


  3. They are gorgeous!! I could have told you their name right away, I have been hunting these little devils for almost a year with no sighting at all. I know they live around here though!
    For annoying, try common koels calling at 3 till 5 in the morning g right outside your window!!

  4. One of the things I love about blogging is learning new things from around the world. We do not have that sweet bird in Michigan in the U.S., so I can enjoy it's song (but I can imagine how it can get to you after awhile) Thanks for sharing!

  5. We have kookaburras at first light, then the magpies, this morning though it has been the rain! It makes a sound splashing on the ground through our rusted out gutters!

  6. sunshine! after lots and lots of rain!

  7. Very cute birds.I enjoy its song.

  8. They are cute, but then that's only 10 seconds worth, I suppose if it was constant it would be very irritating I agree with mandapanda, we have common koels but at least they don't start until 4.30am here, not pleasant.

  9. When my husband walked back inside from taking our daughter to school this morning I heard a magpie warbling. I love that sound!!! I don't often hear them here because we live across the road from the airport on a very busy, busy road! Very few birds here. I do hear the road outside being a carpark at least twice a day though. (Cars idling. No-one going anywhere due to traffic jams!)

  10. A most delightful post about an adorable little bird! Wish we had them here!

  11. Hello! What a lovely couple! I have 'thousands' of birds all around the house and they have their 'homes' in every suitable and unsuitable corner and hole they can find. I like them a lot but they give me also too much cleaning. In summer every afternoon I have birds for company in the swimming pool!
    Best wishes Teje

  12. They look and sound lovely, as opposed to the Indian Mynahs we seem to have on our back verandah.

    I love most birdsong, but a line must be drawn somewhere.

  13. Dai sono carini, il loro canto è sicuramente meglio di qualsiasi rumore cittadino
    Ciao Domenica


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