Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Late night stitching

Thirty two (!) glitzy bracelets for the dancers in our school's Moroccan-inspired musical ...
... By when? TOMORROW!


  1. OMG I guess you know what to do tonight.... Good luck and have fun, they look fabulous!

  2. Don't you just love school deadlines!!!!

  3. Having recently completed thirty-odd camp plate bags to a deadline.....I know it CAN BE DONE!!! ......Plenty of caffeine and lots of sleep afterwards!!!
    They do look wonderful though.
    Good luck !!!
    Sugary hugs :O) Wendy

  4. Nothing like having a Mum that can sew but you have to stop showing them that you work well under pressure..... They look great!

  5. I hope you completed the bracelets without too much lost sleep, and I also hope your son is feeling much better.

  6. Darling bracelets!
    Love, love your header!


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