Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Bloom-a-day: Hellebores

Hellebores are surely the most demure of blooms. 
They hold their elegant heads discreetly downwards, with only the ants privileged enough to delight in their inner beauty ... or perhaps a photographer flat on her belly!
They are not so far removed from the ranunculus of my previous post. Hellebores are from the same family, Ranunculaceae. While hellebores are also known as 'lenten' or 'winter' roses, they share no heritage with roses.
I have always loved botanical illustration, and I found this wonderful hellebore image on the net. It was published in Germany in 1885. So beautiful!
I couldn't get this post over at Leanne's House out of my head. As a consequence, I have added to my hellebore collection this winter, courtesy of Post Office Farm Nursery in Victoria. So there will be more of these shy little blooms next year.
You can find two of these photos to use as your desktop image if you click on the 'Wallpapers' tab at the top of my blog. 


  1. I am loving the rain we have had here. It makes me smile. Everything looks wonderful here! (There too!)

  2. have you tried the new one with "ivory" in the name. As soon as I went to write it, the other half vanished in the brain. It could be ivory prince. A friend gave it to me in Feb and it is lovely.
    I just want to be able to get down on the ground and get underneath those lovely blooms to get the photo I want......alas no longer possible.
    They are delightful ....I have a bed of them now. Some new ones from Diggers Garden of St Earth that we thought had died are showing nice green growth but no flowers yet.
    What will tomorrow be??

  3. Thank you so much for the beautiful wallpaper I am now able to admire.I adore hellebores but it is too hot here in Qld to grow them so this way I can still admire their beauty anyway.



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