Monday, 19 July 2010

The birthday wish list of a 9-year-old girl

It was my youngest daughter's 9th birthday last weekend. My handmade gift for her is late - nothing new there! I am in the process of converting this 'Sweet' jelly roll ...
... into a version of Janelle Wind's 'Flowers for Daisy-Mae':
If you happen have a nine-year-old girl in your life who you need gift ideas for, here are some of the things that were on my blossie's birthday wish list:
Kimidoll jewellery, in particular this bracelet & matching necklace:
Penny Scallan Girly Bird toiletry bag:
Style Me Up glamour purse:
Crayola Slik Stix super smooth crayons
My personal favourite was a special edition Pippi Longstocking book (my choice!), purchased here. It is a beautiful hardcover book, delightfully illustrated by Lauren Child, who we both love.
My sincere thanks to each and every one of you for your best wishes and prayers for my health. At my best, I have convinced myself that all will be well - that God has taken good care of me in the past, and can again. At my worst, usually laying awake in the dead of night, I relive my previous tumour experience & dread what may be ahead for me. All prayers and good vibes will continue to be gratefully received!


  1. I am sending both prayers and good vibes your way!


  2. You will continue to be in my prayers. Take care

  3. happy birthday little miss.......from Chookyblue and Fairy Girl........

  4. That bag is going to be lovely - I always quite like a late present cos it is a nice surprise..... Lots of thoughts and prayers...... Hugz

  5. you continue to be in my prayers...what a sweet present your are making for your daughter. Can't wait to see the final pic of it completed!!

  6. Bloom,

    I wish it was my birthday.... great wish list...

    Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    sandy N

  7. I know what a worrying time it can son 13 has an osteocondroma (benine tumour) on his upper arm and we are just waiting until he stops growing before they operate (thats the plan)
    I shall be thinking of you and hope all is well
    Lisa ʚϊɞ

  8. Happy Birthday to Miss Nine!!! Great gift ideas.

    I hope the test results brought good news for you. ((hugs))

  9. Positive thoughts sent your way.

  10. i prey for you and wish you the best of health
    and happy birthday to your little girl


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