Saturday, 9 January 2010

Lazy days of summer

A very happy New Year to you. Our January is lazily lolling on by, with lots of tennis, swimming and gardening, late nights playing cards, and sleep-ins. So lovely to draw breath before the school term starts up again.
And lovely to have time to smell the roses ....
... to drink in the heady summer fragrance of orange jessamine ...
... to help the kids with some cute stitching ...
... and to play new games made in the shed with Dad ...
Our 11-year-old son loves to dream up woodworking projects to make with his Dad. The project these holidays was this Mancala board. Apparently, Mancala is one of the oldest of all strategy games, played in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean, and now in a little house in country Australia!
I hope you are enjoying your lazy January days as much as we are. Bloom x


  1. Yes we are having a lovely holiday in the sun too...although today in Tassie is just a bit warm for us!! Enjoy! Cathyx

  2. Oh to have all of January to rest.... At least I had today stitching with "The Girls".
    Glad you're enjoying your break. School will come around too quickly.

  3. We have so many bushes of the orange blossom around our town at the moment, I'm sneezing thinking about it. It sounds like you are all in holiday mode, the Mancala board looks wonderful, the guys did a great job.

  4. Enjoying lazy days, all right, but it's not summer here! Greetings from Central Maine, USA. Brrrrrr, ~karen

  5. gorgeous flower picture, I am so jealous. It's 20 degrees here. That stitching is the cutest. Please post a picture when they finish. And I love the woodworking game. awesome.

  6. What a beutiful orange blossom picture - I'd sure love to trade places with you - it's a snow white wonderland here that I could live without! great stitching for the kids and the mancala board is beautiful - bet he could have a little business selling them - it's the prettiest one I've ever seen!

  7. I bet all of those flowers smell fantastic. The mancala board looks fantastic, what a fun project.

  8. Summertime has it's own special treats and you seem to be enjoying them all. Cheers, Ann :-)

  9. This is a great post to help me feel warmer. It's cold here in California.

    My 11 year old son loves Mancala too. I didn't realize until we went online that there are so many variations in the rules.

    Enjoy some sunshine for me!

  10. What a lovely post. I am also enjoying a slower pace of life at the moment with much time spent in my garden, playing with the kids, and thinking of new sewing designs.

  11. what a beautiful Mancala board! My girls loved to play that when they were about 10...but their board was not half as good as that one there!

  12. Slower pace here too for a bit longer... isn't it delightful?
    Happy happy New Year!! :c)

  13. It's so nice to see your summery flowers in the midst of my miserable wintry surroundings!

    To give back a bit of sunshine, I'd like to award you a Sunshine Blog Award! The details are over on my blog.

    I'm going to be in touch soon with a quilty question too...!

  14. Olá, amiga!
    Conheci seu cantinho... amei!
    Lindo, criativo e inspirador.
    Um ótimo dia!
    Itabira - Brasil

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