Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Ring-a-ring of roses

A relatively warm winter in Australia means the roses are out early. Yay! Here are some of mine from my farm garden. Perhaps you can smell them?

'Golden Celebration'
The most beautiful golden yellow blooms, deeply cupped & deliciously fragrant. One of my very favourites.
Released by David Austin 1992

Tightly packed double blooms can have 100 petals.
Released by David Austin 1999

Gorgeous creamy ivory, tinged with pink. A 'must-have' rose, beautiful for cutting.
Released by Meilland 1999

'Reine des Violettes'
Beautiful deep pink, very double rose with an amazing damask fragrance.
Released by Mallet-Malet 1860!

A really different rose, beautifully formed buds open to a frilled, stamen-laden bloom. I love this one too!
Released by David Austin 1983

'Pat Austin'
A real show stopper! The most wonderful shade of copper apricot, with a paler yellow reverse. Delicious!
Released by David Austin 1995, named for his wife.

'Double Delight'
An oldie but a goodie. Wonderful for cutting, the most intensely perfumed rose in my garden. I have a mass planting of this rose, either side of a path (see below), so that you can meander through them and ingest the scent - heavenly!
Released by Swim & Ellis 1977

Am I a rose-tragic? You betcha. More soon!


  1. Yes...definately Rose-tragic, but I'm loving it!!! Absolutely stunning I can almost smell them from here! xo

  2. just bloomin'beautiful!
    wish i could smell them.

    julie :)

  3. thank you for a breath of spring as the States gear up for fall! the copper Pat Austin is my fave!

  4. If only the Internet can transport the smell. That would be heavenly (or maybe not).

    Looking at this, my mind is running with all sorts of colorways for my hand painted threads. (in actual still dead tired from the hectic weekend).

  5. I think I positively can smell those beauties. All the way in Texas!

  6. Gorgeous, I really love the Falstaff rose. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us, nice and cheery on such a dreary snowy day.

  7. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous roses with us! I have only a few left as Fall settles over them...which reminds me I have got to get them bedded down for winter! :o(

  8. Oh yes I can always smell your roses. They are just GORGEOUS.

  9. Gorgeous pictures! I'm so envious of your beautiful garden!

  10. Your roses are coming and ours are going! Lovely.

  11. Those are GORGEOUS roses. It's a rainy Fall day here... thanks for brightening my day!

  12. I love the David Austin roses and have grown several of the same variety as you, only I don't think mine looked quite as pretty! I love the "Falstaff"'s gorgeous. Reminds me of peonies which I can't grown in my climate! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Beautiful!!!
    Also, is that a new(ish) header? Loving it!!

  14. Absolutely beautiful roses!! Mine are just starting to flower. All yours are different from all of mine. My favourite yellow rose is Graham Thomas. Do you have it?? Mine is covered in buds.

  15. You have a gorgeous garden and I love David Austin roses best of all.

  16. Beautiful blooms, mine are all about to burst into flower, only have the odd one or two flowers so far.

  17. They are so beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing the photos. They're gorgeous, I wish I could smell them!

  18. Roses are my absolute favourite flower! My bridal bouquet had over 100 roses in it of all different colours...I just couldnt decide on just one. Cant wait to see more of your photos. Jo xox

  19. Lovely roses! mine are mostly finished flowering now. Might have to get a list going too add to my garden next year!

  20. Absolutely breath-taking roses! I miss my roses.

  21. WOW I can smell them from here They are very pretty.
    Hugs Mary.

  22. Hi Bloom, I haven't visited you blog in aaagggesss!!!! It has been great to catch up with a good read of old posts and see everything that you have been up to. Your roses look stunning and congratulations on designing for Moda Bake shop! Amanda

  23. mmmmmmm...yellow fave, but I love the others too...they all smell sooooo beautiful!!!
    I'd love to spend an afternoon in your garden, it must be heaven!!!!
    'o) Wendy B

  24. what a beautiful collection and we have all taken time to look and comment, so we have smelt the roses! thankyou!

  25. I want to grow them all! Spectacular! Ann :)

  26. Pat Austin in my garden:


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