Monday, 21 September 2009

Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb ...

Determined that no son of mine will leave home not being able to cook, I drag my 10-year-old, computer-and-lego-mad son kicking & screaming into the kitchen occasionally. Yesterday, he outdid himself!

Yummy rhubarb cake made from this delicious recipe. It doesn't take too long before he is admitting, "This is fun, Mum". His favourite bit is measuring out the ingredients & of course, consuming his creation. "Now, can I go back on the computer Mum"?!


  1. Sounds like my son when he was young, couldn't be bothered and now he's a chef, lol. I have been enjoying some rhubarb this week with my yoghurt and muesli, I love the stuff. Can't grow it because the possum eats the lot.

  2. Must be a 'boy' son loves to cook (occasionally!!) until it comes to the clean-up!! (and the bit where you take it out of the oven...the cooking fairy does that for me, Mum!!)
    Does look yummy!
    ;o) Wendy B

  3. My son is a great cook too - but it's a case of survival - I'm a lousy cook and we both know I don't care! Long ago (he's now 28) I taught him how to shop in the grocery store and the basics of cooking - he's heading into the gourmet range now!

  4. Poor little guy *LOL* The cake seems to be tasty!

  5. It does come in handy having a son who cooks, both my sons are chefs and I still miss them not being at home. Would love to call up from work and tell them to "do something" with the pork chops I took out. I think they get the skill from me but the imagination from their dad.
    Keep up the good work.

  6. Wow, he did a fantastic job!!! I also made sure that my sons knew how to cook...the younger one now makes the meanest Curried Chicken dish you could imagine!!! Way to go, Mom!!

  7. My favourite, favourite, favourite. It's good to get those lads into the kitchen. I wonder what his next culinary feat will be? Ann :)

  8. Yum...I love rhubarb..must try this recipe
    my son grew up to be a chef too, he has a recipe blog. there's a link from my blog ..
    Julia ♥


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