Monday, 2 February 2009

Warning: Heavily bloom-laden post

Chookyblue's recent visit to town happened to coincide with some local Open Gardens, so in addition to visiting Hatched & Patched, we also gallivanted about gardens together.
There were stunning vistas to enjoy ...
... the gentle & soothing splish spashing of water on a hot day ...
... majestic stands of silver birches to cool ourselves beneath.
And then there were blooms! Fiery red dahlias in the summer sun, wafting about above gorgeous chocolate brown foliage ...
... dahlias of a different form, spiky & showy ...
Oooh, and then there were hydrangeas, a sentimental favourite from my childhood. And in the most delicate and pretty of colours ...
And even the roses looked lovely mid-summer,
apparently untouched by hot winds.
Sweet pots of evening primrose lined stairways ...
as did ruby red penstemon:
There were little retreats for friends only to stop to rest (sign reads 'Friends Welcome, Relatives by Appointment!):
and seats of a different type, perhaps not for sitting these days! Can you see what this little red chair once was? Now that's what I call repurposing!
We saw hardy succulents flowing carelessly from pedestals ...
... and the most amazing use of echeverias for bordering vegetable beds!
And this was one of my more gob-smacking finds: a stunning lilium standing boldly & beautifully upright against a reed fence ... WOW!
And all the while, the sheep next door grazed peacefully & nonchalantly ...
 except for this one ...
... who was obviously called upon to be the showman of the mob. "Baaaa-ha-ha ... how I love an audience"!


  1. Gorgeous!
    I cannot wait for spring to arrive!

  2. I am so sad that I wasn't able to meet up with Chookyblue! I am glad to see though that you guys had a lovely time...those gardens are gorgeous! So, are you coming to Nundle?????

  3. Ooooh, wish the weather was as fine where I am! Gorgeous photos!

  4. Those flowers are so beautiful! I can't wait to see some of that here again. Right now we've got nothing but snow and ice and cold and frankly I've had enough of it for one winter! Love the sheep with the mower too! :0)

  5. I had a wonderful day except for the sunburn........your flowers are beautiful and it is interesting to see what pics you took to what I took when we wandered around your blooms...... I'm with Jo Jo are you coming to Nundle?????

  6. Beautiful!
    Thank you for the garden tour. It felt a lot warmer than my walk on the beach!

  7. Your garden looks like it came out of a magazine. It's all so inviting, esp. since it's 0 here!

  8. So beautiful flowers! We have snow here in Russia.

  9. Fantastic photos I wish I could have wondered around with you both.


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