Monday, 19 January 2009

Holiday roundup continued ...

Christmas for us was spent on the South Coast of New South Wales with my husband's family, always a fun & noisy time as his family grows larger each year! And always an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful beaches around Jervis Bay.
We saw the New Year in back at the farm, catching up with lots of friends & reacquainting ourselves with our garden:
Many hours were spent knocking (I mean caressing!) the garden back into shape after weeks of neglect.
And there was just the smallest amount of quilting crammed in amongst the busy-ness.
The first days of January heralded the start of our annual swimming lessons ...
... which came in handy when the newly installed stock troughs required testing!
We couldn't have squeezed any more into our holidays if we'd tried! Now, onto preparing the family for a new school year, and perhaps organising some serious stitching time for me!


  1. What a beautiful garden!
    Who wouldn't like to Knock, I mean, caress that garden, I ask you.
    Really lovely.

  2. Your garden looks incredible. I love those neatly clipped hedges! It's lobely to see the sun, it's very cold and wet here in England

  3. Your garden is gorgeous. You have been busy!!!

  4. I have also spent some time during the holidays on the South Coast of NSW and also Jervis Bay I loved Hayms Beach (not sure about the spelling) always love to read you blog.
    Sylvia F :)

  5. Love the pictures of your garden...makes me want to rush out and start tending my neglected plot....but it's a little hot today - maybe tomorrow.
    Linda :)

  6. Would have been a bit of shock coming back to the heat after the coastal weather. Love to see all your holiday pics.

  7. Sounds like you have had a wonderful summer! I love Jervis bay and yes the beaches are gorgeous!
    Your farm looks like a beautiful haven for you.

  8. Do you have any idea how lovely it is to look as your photos when I am knee-deep in snow? Thank, thank, thank you...for pleasing my gardening and sunny seashore soul.

  9. Your bright sunny pictures are fun to see, as we've been having snow and cold temperatures here. And oh, what a beautiful garden you have!


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