Thursday, 22 January 2009

Souvenir shopping?

I am slowly unpacking from our travelling about, and am unearthing little bits of shopping. Who needs postcards or teaspoons when you can buy fabric & sewing treasures! These lovely fabrics were purchased in Corowa & Echuca, both wonderful country towns on the Murray River between New South Wales & Victoria. I was very excited to find the 'Follow Your Imagination' fabric by Prints Charming - I have seen fantastic things made from this print. And there is some Sis Boom & some Robyn Pandolph in that little stash too! And a few more pieces to add to my Dear Jane stash. You may remember when I started Dear Jane, that it would be made entirely from my existing stash? As if that was ever going to happen!
I visited a favourite quilting shop in Berry, and was very self-controlled, leaving with the smallest of parcels. I had been told, more than once, that the only thread to use for needleturn applique on my Dear Jane quilt is pure silk. Expensive? Yep! The beige colour will be used for light fabrics, the grey for darks. Also, a little packet of 'the only needles for needleturn'! Hoping to try these out soon.
And also from Echuca, some very cute buttons to be used for who knows what, and a divine black velvet buckle.
Now aren't you glad I didn't buy postcards?! And the crazy thing is, I will remember where each one of these things was purchased, & the little towns we visited. So perhaps they are souvenirs after all!


  1. You took home some lovely things ... much nicer than postcards. Your Dear Jane fabrics are beautiful.

  2. I love it all. The fabric of Prints Charming, Dear Jane and the buttons. What shop in Echuca did you find them? They are so cute. Looking forward to see your creations with the material you have purchased.

  3. Of course fabrics are souvenirs, I can remember were most of my purchases came from. Love the washing on the line, I wish I was as disciplined to wash as soon as I buy, am busy ironing a huge tub of washed fabrics while I watch the tennis... but am going over all dreamy thinking about what I can do with it!

  4. Love all your Souvenirs..Great Buying..Especially the Fabrics...Glad you had a nice Trip.

  5. Definitely souvenirs, I do this if I go abroad and we do remember where we bought each fabric!

  6. I am definetly a follower of the 'fabric as a souvenir' philosophy. I love to reminisce about the holiday when I eventually use the fabric. You have collected some lovely treasures - Enjoy.
    Janelle xx

  7. Yes, much better than postcards. You found some lovely fabrics, threads, needles and buttons.

  8. Let us know how you like those needles. I'm still trying to master needleturn and I have lots of different types of needles that I'm experimenting with. It certainly seems to make a difference. Some don't seem to work at all.

    LOVE the fabrics!

  9. I know where you are coming from, all my travel souvenirs are from fabric shops too!


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