Tuesday, 25 March 2008

'Antique' stitching?

Over the break, I managed to find my very earliest piece of embroidery. This was started at school when I was in kindergarten. We were given a piece of huckaback cloth & instructed to weave patterns of our own design through the little loops on the cloth.
If you look carefully, you'll see that the first few rows are standard public school issue perle thread. Being a bit enthusiastic, even at that age, about embroidery, I took the piece home and raided Mum's stash of stranded embroidery flosses to complete the stitching. So stylish!
I am stalling for just a little bit of time with this post as I am still finishing the prize for my giveaway - no, it won't be a bit of huckaback with gaudy patterns on it! So this is the last chance to enter the draw by leaving a comment. Hoping to announce the winner in my next post.


  1. Oh my goodness, you did this in kindergarten.....I wonder if I could write in kindergarten...LOL

  2. Love this little stitching memory, Quilty hugs Dawn

  3. well you work puts mine to disgrace.......excellent.........

  4. I have no memory of my first stitching project, yet I do remember failing sewing and cooking in year 8,9,10. Yet there is hope. I spent good quaility time with special friends that have taught me everything I need to know about sewing and cooking.
    I'm not a perfectionist yet I truly enjoy it. Thank you.

  5. Wow! How amazing to still have it and be that good at stitching in Kindagarten. I'm sure I did something like that in High School.
    Too long ago.....

  6. Wow... That is absolutely amazing work!!! I guess it explains everything too... Now I know why all of your stitching is just so perfect, you've been so gifted from the very start... :)


  7. Amazing for Kinder!!
    My first sewing experience was grade 2 and Mrs Parker taught me how to do lazy daisies on red hessian, sadly I dont have it anymore!!

  8. You just threw me right back to 1961, brownie troop 132. Wow, I had forgotten I had done the same thing so many years ago. Sadly it was lost in a fire when I was in high school. Thanks for bringing back that memory.

  9. Love your patterns. Amazing that you stitched this when so young. Well done.

  10. love the stitchery! My first is just 3 months ago and i am loving it ever since! Have done quite al lot already...
    congratz on your 100th post! I read them every time!
    hugs willemijn from holland

  11. congrats on your 100th post....I did my first post to my new blog on the weekend! I think your kindy stitching is excellent...I found some old books the other day with some of my work in them - a french seam was one of the samples...they suggested that perhaps I might like to do extra typing instead of my sewing classes in high school! the typing skills have come in handy over the years and I have taught myself to sew - lol!

  12. I'm so envious you were taught embroidery in school! I feel my education was lacking...


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