Monday, 3 November 2008

Quilted with love

I posted a little while ago about the quilt my Mum was making for my Grandma who has recently moved (reluctantly) into an Aged Care home. Here is the quilt all finished.
The pattern is called 'Crazy Eights' by Bits 'n' Pieces. A very versatile, simple pattern which details how to make a lap quilt from 8 fat quarters.
My Grandma loved the quilt, but tried to convince my Mum to keep it because 'it was too good for her to use'. Mum, of course, made Grandma keep it & promise to use it, but last we heard, it was folded up neatly in a drawer! Oooh, she's naughty!


  1. The quilt is so pretty! I guess you just have to keep reminding your grandma that it's a good thing to use the quilt and enjoy it!

  2. Please tell your Mum she has made such a beautiful quilt. I can relate to you Grandma, I feel the same way about my wedding china :)
    Janelle xx

  3. Bet we all do recognize us in what you wrote about your grandma and the quilt...;o) but Im sure she takes it out sometimes and feel the love thats put into that one...:o)

  4. What a Lovely Pattern..haven't seen this one before...Love the Colours...Well Done Mum.!!

  5. This is a lovely quilt. I made my mom a special quilt a couple of years ago that she would never use. She recently moved into assisted living and can only have a very few of her belongings. She took the quilt and because there is no place to store it, she actually uses it!

  6. The quilt is so pretty! I hope your grandma will break down and use it, it's too pretty to be in a drawer!

  7. Hopefully you'll be able to convince your grandma to use this beautiful quilt. It's much too lovely to be hidden in a drawer. Tell her that it will get nasty creases in it from being all folded up...;o)

  8. Just gorgeous. Isn't it funny how they get! Pitty it's not out for all to see. Maybe she thinks someone will pinch it. Love all your recent posts Ros. So busy and falling behind with blogging as usual.

  9. What a lovely quilt!! Grandmas are like that aren't they?? They keep things for "best" :o). Reminds me of that movie "The Castle" .....
    "... it's going straight to the pool room" :o).


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